We have the knowledge and experience to oversee the entire development process: searching for opportunities, negotiation and acquisition, due diligence, planning, sales and marketing and ultimately construction and delivery to the end user. We also work with a select group of developers, investing directly in their development projects. With our deep industry expertise, we are uniquely suited to provide support to our development partners.

Our Knowledge and Experience

Our team has been involved in the development of more than 100 million square feet of development projects over a period of 20-plus years.

Acquisitions & Development Planning

Executive team has developed over 100 million square feet of real estate

Proprietary acquisition process called PropertyTrak


Team has been involved in the construction and development of over 3,000 high-rise condos, tens of thousands of low-rise homes, as well as commercial property


Completed billions of dollars of financing transactions – land, development, construction, lending

Excellent relationship with major lenders

Property Types We Build & Invest In

Residential Low-Rise Buildings

Types of dwellings can include single-family homes, traditional townhomes and higher-yielding stacked towns. We focus on primary and secondary urban markets.

Residential Condos

These developments include mid-rise and high-rise condominiums in established and up-and-coming urban areas. We focus on core markets where there is high demand for and acceptance of dense urban housing.

Apartment Buildings

With affordability being an issue in the housing market, more people are turning to the rental market. Select locations have dynamics where apartment buildings are now a viable development option.

Commercial & Mixed Use

We will invest in or self-develop new commercial and mixed-use-type properties in both expanding suburban and urban areas.

Land & Property Banking

Even though the available supply of land is decreasing (they aren’t making any more of it!) and demand is increasing, strategic acquisition, focusing on the expected paths of both suburban and urban growth and active management over time, is critical.


Current funds available for retail and institutional investors.

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