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Equiton creates private equity real estate investment opportunities to help investors build wealth. Our real estate-based investments are managed by industry veterans with a proven ability to find opportunities where others don’t. Private real estate investments can be a powerful vehicle for wealth creation and provide both income and growth over time. Equiton can help you take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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What we do

With a single-minded focus on real estate investments such as private REITs, commercial and residential real estate properties, developments and financing, we’ve been able to build an enviable track record of exceptional results.

Commercial Investments

We invest in a range of commercial real estate assets.


We have hands-on experience in real estate development and construction.

Equity Financing

We raise capital to finance residential and commercial projects.


Our team is defined by its experience, integrity, dedication and results.

Investment Funds

Current funds available for retail and institutional investors.

What we know

Get our latest insights and articles on REITs, real estate investing and more.

Private apartments can stabilize a portfolio in an economic downturn

Historically, private, multi-residential apartments are a sound investment no matter the economic winds. Apartments offer investors a unique investment opportunity. They can create returns through three sources: consistent cash flows […]

Impact coronavirus has on market spotlights investment truths

The unprecedented impact that the coronavirus has had on economies and financial markets around the world in March has highlighted two very important, but often forgotten, investment truths. Truth 1 […]

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